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  1. All Students are required to get their identity cards issued at the time of their admission. They are required to keep the identity cards at all times with them while they are in the College premises. Student entry into the college may be denied for non-possession of valid identity card.
  2. If a student willfully does anything in violation of the rules of the University or the College he himself shall be responsible for the consequences.
  3. The usual punishment for violence, stealing and disrespect of staff of the college or an employee of the college, is-expulsion from the college. Severe punishment may also be awarded.
  4. The College expects every student to maintain a high standard of discipline inside and outside the class rooms. The authority of the college extends to every student on its roll, in all places and at all times, and misbehavior or delinquency of any kind, which in the judgments of the principal, lowers the tone and prestige of the college, will be seriously dealt with.
  5. Ragging is completely and strictly prohibited in the college. Student found involved in ragging shall be expelled from the college. Ragging will not be tolerated at all.
  6. Absolute adherence to the college routine, rules and regulations is mandatory for all students.
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