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Rajshree Memorial Charitable Trust and Rajshree Jankalyan  Shiksha Samiti was first conceptualized in 2008 with the objective of social service. The Samiti was registered in 2008 and the trust is under the process of registration. The Samiti is launching its first Siddhant Raj Mahavidyalay this year in jaitpur kalan Agra. The Samiti owns sufficient land in jaitpur kalan to run a Degree College.

First meeting of Rajshree Jankalyan Shiksha Samiti was held on 18th December 2008 and it was decided to get it registered and open a Mahavidyalay in Jaitpur Kalan Agra. There was no Mahavidyalay in Jaitpur Kalan bloc of Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. Therefore it was decided to open a Mahavidyalay there.

The Trust is committed to its mission for quality education. Therefore it has been decided to open a series of quality institutions for School and College level Education. Focus of the trust will be for technical, update and relevant education with contemporary national and international trends. The trust is also committed to its mission for social service of the people.

Education is one of the important ways to develop oneself. Rajshree Memorial Charitable Trust and Rajshree Jankalyan Shiksha Samiti are fully devoted to quality education. I firmly believe that education should not be book – oriented but it should be innovative and receptive to recent technological trends. Knowledge is ever changing and it is necessary to keep pace with the time.
Siddhant Raj Mahavidyalay will provide both academic and technical knowledge. Quality education with quality teachers is the main objective of
Shri Raj Bahadur Sharma

the Mahavidyalay. The Mahavidyalay staff will focus not only to complete the syllabus of university but it will also dedicate for all round personality development of the students and make them aware about the contemporary trends of national and international society.

I am sure that Siddhant Raj Mahavidyalay will provide quality college education to the students through regular classes, seminars, conferences, workshops debates etc. I wish our students great success in all their efforts and quest for a better tomorrow for themselves and for the humanity.

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